Police Trace Origins of Hoax Bomb Emails to Delhi Schools

In a recent development that stirred considerable alarm, the Delhi Police have successfully traced the origin of hoax bomb threat emails that targeted nearly 100 schools across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). This announcement was made by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, VK Saxena, who personally visited DAV School in Model Town, North Delhi, after the threats were reported.

The hoax, which led to an extensive police operation, began with the reception of these threatening emails early in the morning, prompting immediate and stringent security checks across the affected educational institutions. Despite the menacing nature of the threats, thorough inspections concluded that the bomb threats were unfounded.

The task of tracing these emails was notably challenging due to the sophisticated use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN masked the origin of the emails by routing them through multiple foreign servers. However, the dedicated efforts of the cybercrime unit allowed the police to retrace the path of the VPN traffic. Eventually, they pinpointed the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with the email, thus identifying the source.

In light of these events, the Delhi Police have issued a calming statement urging the public not to panic and reassuring them of the safety measures in place. The statement emphasized that all protocols were followed during the school checks and confirmed the absence of any dangerous materials.

Further addressing the incident, senior police officer Kumar Mahla highlighted the thoroughness of the police checks, which confirmed the safety of all involved schools. Meanwhile, Rohit Meena, another senior officer, elaborated on the technical investigation underway, noting that the nature of the emails suggested a mass hoax rather than isolated incidents.

Governor Saxena has called for a detailed investigation into these threats, reflecting the seriousness with which this disruption is being treated. He has also appealed to parents for cooperation, assuring them of the administration’s commitment to the safety of the schools and their children.

This incident underscores the challenges and the urgency of addressing cyber threats, especially those targeting vulnerable public institutions like schools. The rapid response and resolution of this hoax reflect the capabilities of the Delhi Police but also highlight the ongoing need for vigilance and advanced security protocols in our digital age.

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