Impact of Biden’s Veto on Crypto Advocacy Growth and Regulations

President Joe Biden recently vetoed a resolution aimed at overturning the SEC’s controversial Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 121 (SAB 121). This SEC guideline requires financial institutions to list customers’ digital assets on their balance sheets, effectively categorizing these assets as liabilities. Critics argue that this policy creates substantial operational and financial burdens for institutions handling cryptocurrencies and potentially exposes customers’ assets to risks in bankruptcy situations.

The veto has sparked significant backlash from the cryptocurrency community and lawmakers alike. The U.S. Senate passed the resolution with a 60-38 vote, following the House of Representatives’ approval, reflecting bipartisan support against the SEC’s crypto policy. Senator Cynthia Lummis, a vocal pro-crypto advocate, emphasized the dangers of SAB 121, stating that placing customers’ assets on institutional balance sheets could jeopardize those assets during bankruptcies​:citation[oaicite:6]{index=6}​​:citation[oaicite:5]{index=5}​​:citation[oaicite:4]{index=4}​.

The broader crypto community expressed their frustrations, viewing the decision as a setback for innovation and financial freedom. Leaders in the industry, including Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Digital Chamber chief policy officer Cody Carbone, have publicly criticized the veto, arguing that it stifles innovation and hinders the industry’s growth during a critical time​:citation[oaicite:3]{index=3}​​:citation[oaicite:2]{index=2}​.

Amid this regulatory challenge, the crypto advocacy group “Stand With Crypto,” launched by Coinbase, has seen a significant increase in membership, now boasting over one million members. This group’s rapid growth underscores the rising public interest in and support for cryptocurrency-friendly policies. The organization has also launched a political action committee (PAC) to support pro-crypto politicians ahead of the November 2024 elections, aiming to influence future legislative actions and protect the interests of the crypto community​:citation[oaicite:1]{index=1}​.

The Biden administration defends the veto, arguing that overturning SAB 121 would undermine the SEC’s ability to protect investors and maintain financial stability. The administration maintains that the SEC’s guidelines are essential for safeguarding the financial system from crypto-related risks, despite the opposition from a significant portion of the legislative branch and the crypto community​:citation[oaicite:0]{index=0}​.

The ongoing debate highlights the tension between regulatory authorities and the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. As the political and regulatory landscape continues to shift, the outcome of these legislative battles will significantly impact the future of crypto adoption and innovation in the United States.

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